lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013



Just In: Uncovered some BREAKING NEW much Juicy Gossip FYI for your wiz ears.
Sources has Revels that Lil Wayne GIRLFRIEND Dhea Sodano, is DRUG Addict and she is INFECTED with a Majorly fast spreading Sexuality-Transmitted Disease AIDS :0!!! This known disease has became a Grave Threat to the Afro-American Society!!! OMG!!! :0!!!
Sources has Reveled, As follows: "She Sucks Awesome Dick Nut, She has to be DOPED-UP, She makes Noise, make yah wanna PORN Taps CutThroat when she HIGH on the DOPE. To include, She have AIDS :0!!! OMG :0!!!! NO PASSPORT, and NO YOUNG $$MOLLA$$, $$MOLLA$$, $$MOLLA$$"
Although Sources didn't Revel if Lil Wayne has contracted this fastly spreading World Wide disease, Lets Pray that he was SMART enough to get tested and that he was Intelligent enough to Protected his Man hood for the Safety of his Life.


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  1. hi christina do you know dhea and brad ?

    1. yes, and also there are people who have seen them together, look at this entry: