lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

I always knew that Dhea was an opportunistic bitch

Drizzy Drake may have just pulled a TONY MONTANA SCARFACE MOVE!! Rumors are swirling that Drake has been TRYING FOR MONTHS - to seduce Lil Wayne's fiance DHEA. And the streets say that he may have HIT!!!
Here's what we know. spoke with TWO INDEPENDENT SOURCES affiliated with Young Money. And BOTH tell us that Lil Wayne and Drake have had ISSUES WITH EACH OTHER for years. Lil Wayne's issue with Drake is that he feels the young rapper is not "respectful" enough. And Drake's issue with Lil Wayne is that he feels he's giving up TOO MUCH money to the label, and to Wayne in particular.
But those are MINOR squabbles compared with what is being WHISPERED ABOUT among the TOP BRASS at the label. According to an insider, Drake reportedly had Lil Wayne's fiance DHEA over at his Los Angeles home last week. And while no one know EXACTLY what went on . . . . Drake has supposedly had a CRUSH on the boss' chick for YEARS. And the two were in Drake's home alone. . . .
We're told that Wayne just found out about this over the weekend. EXPECT FIREWORKS shortly . . .

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